Child Guidance Policy

The discipline policy of Fun 2 Learn Preschool encourages the development of self-control and the learning of appropriate social behaviours. By providing an environment that strengthens the sense of dignity and self worth of each child, we attempt to develop an awareness and respect towards adults and children. Fun 2 Learn Preschool emphasizes a positive approach to appropriate behaviour by modelling. We provide a varied and stimulating developmentally appropriate program by careful planning and preparation.

Our behaviour expectations are clearly explained and if required these intervention strategies are used:

  1. Establish eye contact and speak calmly to the child
  2. Redirecting the child with an alternate toy and / or activity
  3. Moving closer to the child, acknowledging his/her feelings and telling him/her exactly what you require.
  4. In situations where a child is extremely upset, one of the two teachers present will take the child aside, calm him/her down (perhaps by reading a story) talk about the child's feelings and when ready, return the child to the group.